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Monday, 23 January 2012


I have some news. I am pregnant. 15 weeks or 16 weeks. Already losing count which is probably a bad sign!

We have been pretty shocked, but now am getting excited about expanding our little family. There are obviously fears and concerns that what happened to Tiddler will happen again, and no-one can tell me it won't.

You see, they don't know why Tiddler stopped breathing or has had the feeding, muscular etc etc issues that she has had. They don't know for sure it is genetic, although they think it is, and neither do they know what pattern any inheritance of this gene may take.

We have no reason to believe this baby will be worse affected and no-one has ever told us not to have another child. We are awaiting the results of some DNA testing on Tiddler but apart from that will muddle along as normal.

Everyone has been pleased to hear our news. A couple of people thought we were lying- yes that's right it's all an hilarious ruse??!!  I had one very odd encounter where it became obvious that the woman thought we were having another baby to get a healthy one this time... " I'm not being horrible but...." Errrr yes, quite. I genuinely believe that she wasn't being horrible but it says a lot to me about her ignorance. Not exactly embracing difference is it? Sadly I am sure she is not the only one that thinks like this...


  1. Well firstly huuuuuuuuuuuuge congratulations. How exciting. Dominic was my last kiddy so I never had that worrying through pregnancy journey, he was a complete surprise. Was your pregnancy with Tiddler complication free, I mean were there any signs? Dominic was my third so I paid no attention at all really, terrible! I hope you're feeling ok, no puking. I look forward to sharing your journey. Really wonderful news... P.s. I don't know if it helps, but recently Elliot and Lilia were found to have the same issues as D, but much more mildly. Had it not been for him they never would have been tested. Bet there are thousands of kids out there with gene faults who just get on with their lives unknowingly. Your Tiddler and my Dominic are the rebels who like to be different x

  2. Massive congratulations and lots of love to you. I didn't know that I had EDS until I'd had the Cheetah Keeper, let alone that I may have passed it onto the children. Here's to another wonderful journey x

  3. Wow! Congratulations!! Good for you! I hope everything goes beautifully for you. Sarah x

  4. Hey Renata, Thank you very much for the lovely comment... I know what you mean about there being children/ adults out there who have never been tested and don't know they have a slight genetic kink... sometimes I think we know too much!

    My 1st pregnancy did have its issues and so far (touch wood) things have been very different so thats reassuring too..

  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed catching up on your blog, I will now be following you with interest as I too am trying to get back in the family way, he he! x