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Monday, 6 February 2012

Pain and OT

Tiddler had an OT appointment today. The therapist attended her playgroup that is run by the local family centre for children with additional needs.

She was really pleased as I explained how someone seems to have "flicked a switch" and so in recent days Tiddler has been responding to pain almost without fail. The OT observed it herself as Tiddler rolled off a mat and hit her head off the floor and burst into tears. A few weeks ago she wouldn't have flickered a response. Amazing.

I also reported how her head banging seems to have improved, I almost didn't want to say this out loud as I am worried now I have cursed it and she will return to headbanging with a vengeance! I explained that there seems to be a direct link between Tiddler not wearing her Piedro boots and her refraining from head banging. Weird I know. I don't get it myself, apart from perhaps that having boot-less feet is just not giving her the feedback that my sensory seeking daughter needs so she is giving up quickly.

So why, why all of a sudden are things clicking for Tiddler? The OT didn't know... she said it could be a combination of the OT therapy and exercises I have been doing as well as perhaps her development now being appropriately advanced (although still delayed by approx 6 mths).

There are still outstanding issues- she still arches a lot and bangs toys on her head. Feeding is a massive area of concern for me. More of this another time.

Other good news very recently has been the DNA results from the Geneticist. Tiddler does not have either of the (quite nasty sounding) muscular disorders that were tested for. Relief, obviously- but it still means we are without a diagnosis and still wondering what exactly the future will hold for Tiddler. As I sit here typing now though, the signs are all very positive and I make no apology for enjoying this moment.

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  1. Good for you and Tiddler.So glad to hear you have some positive news. x