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Sunday, 22 April 2012

I find different difficult.

Tiddler had her OT follow up on Friday. In the main, the appointment went ok. her headbanging is still the major concern... I had managed to video episodes of her headbanging in the car which was useful I think.

They have no idea why she is doing this, my theory is that it is Tiddler trying to get a "buzz" or any sort of sensory feedback. It isn't linked to mood but is much more prevalent in the car. Unfortunately, Tiddler is still too small for the next size car seat which is frustrating nd means there is little we can do about her seating for now really unless we buy an entirely different car seat to the one we already have for her to move onto. We have found that she stops headbanging in the car when we turn music up very loud- this has prompted the Therapist to recommend we get her hearing checked out but she has also suggested we try T with headphones playing soothing music. I have no idea how small they make headphones but it's nothing a good Google won't solve! We are waiting for a helmet for T as they cannot be sure she isn't causing damage with the banging.

This is heartbreaking for me but I don't feel we have an option right now. I just don't want her to look different I suppose... This is clearly my issue. I need to get my head round it. I don't want people to make judgements about her. I don't want the looks. Or the questions. There is of course nothing wrong with being different. My little girl is fantastic and beautiful in every way but although I can write the words I can't quite live the words as well. I still find different difficult.

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  1. The looking different thing I fully get... I have blogged before how I used to avoid taking the small one out in his splints showing or in his frame... I hated it! Now seeing how it has expanded his world and how it has helped him I don't even see it! (if that helps?)