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Monday, 16 April 2012

27 weeks pregnant

So this might be cheating a but... Not quite talking about Tiddler... More me and bump.

Am now 27 weeks pregnant- didn't know this, had to google it, just find it so hard to keep track as Tiddler consumes almost every ounce of energy I have!

It has been a very different pregnancy so far- I suppose they always are but I have been surprised how different I have felt. I am certainly more tired than I was during my first pregnancy as this time round I don't ever have the option to take it easy or not carry Tiddler. I find her unpredictable movements difficult to cope with, she arches back quite violently and suddenly and I think because she is so bendy this poses more of a problem to the person holding her. This person most often being me. Nappy changes are also a complete nightmare... Any tips very much welcomed! She is too small for the "pull ups" style so we have a fight to get her to lie down and not thrash around, arch or crawl away.

The combination of Tiddler being Tiddler and that this pregnancy has occurred so soon after the last has meant that my joints are struggling. I am suffering from some Pelvic Girdle Pain, previously known as SPD, and have also hurt my lower back from carrying Tiddler. After pushing, I have been referred for physiotherapy, I have had my first session and I can assure you that its not a good idea to take your 16 month old to such appointments. In fact its bloody madness, but that's another story. I have also started Pilates which I hope will help as I still have 12 weeks T go!

The other thing that I hope will help will be if Tiddler can stand unaided to help me out a little when lifting... She is doing well and surpassing all expectations so you never know!

I just can't help myself can I, still written about Super Tiddler!!

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