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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ear Nose and Throat

Tiddler has an ENT appointment tomorrow- FINALLY! She has Laryngomalacia which basically sounds worse than it is and means a “floppy larynx” . Her breathing is very noisy, especially when relaxed and asleep. She has a “stridor”  sometimes when breathing and sometimes a "tracheal tug". If we go to a GP who hasn’t read her notes they tend to do a double take as it’s a classic sign of respiratory distress, although not with Tiddler, its normal.

True, it means she has to work harder to breathe but we were told early on it was not dangerous. That said, we think it has had an impact on her weight gain as it takes a lot more effort for her to breathe and feed. She still doesn’t seem to breathe through her nose ever… I don’t know whether that will be mentioned tomorrow but it has had an impact on her feeding.

Our GP said she should probably have her tonsils out but I do not believe this will happen as she hasn’t had tonsillitis enough times. Only perhaps if somebody finally decides her weight gain is insufficient. Who knows.

Whatever they do or say tomorrow I hope they don't shove a camera down her nose/ throat again as she is a lot older now and much more aware. As I often seem to say, fingers crossed.

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