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Thursday, 8 March 2012

An operation

Went to see the ENT consultant yesterday. He was an hour late. Our appointment was 9 am. There was no apology from him, his poor nurse got that job in the corridor.I didn't hugely enjoy entertaining a boisterous toddler for over an hour in a waiting room with 2 toys and a toilet I could barely get the buggy and my  pregnant belly in. Hey ho- I digress and it is very rare in all my recent experience of hospitals.

The Dr said the noise when Tiddler breathes is not predominantly caused by the Laryngomalacia, but her Adenoids. Who knew?? Of all the GPs and Paediatricians that have examined her, no-one has ever suggested that. He said she has to have both her Tonsils and Adenoids out. Eeek. And because she is so light, this can not be done at my local hospital but must be done at a Children's hospital. Double eek. I am having a baby in July. How do we do that then?? I am just going to cross that bridge when we come to it.

In the meantime, we have drops to try in case an operation can be avoided. He also wanted to wait a while to see if she gains more weight. Tiddler has never been great at weight gain, its not a Tiddler Speciality. I have no idea whether this is down to her breathing problem, neither does anyone else. I found being told to wait frustrating as she is not even 8 kg and so there is no way she will be the 14/ 15 kg he said she must be in a few weeks! Even if I stuffed her full of northern pies. So all a bit frustrating but obviously if an operation can be avoided then I am all for it.

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  1. Hospital appointment systems are horrendous sometimes aren't they? Glad that Tiddler's adenoids might be able to be removed her help her condition, but frustrating about the weight gain issue.Good luck with the pie thing!Seriously though ... good luck. x