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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Paediatrician Tomorrow

Tomorrow Tiddler has her appointment with the Consultant Paediatrician.

This time we have had the longest gap ever since her last appointment- 3 months. She has changed a lot and I know he will be blown away. As I type "I know he will be blown away" there is a voice telling me to "shut up, when will I learn" etc. Each time I build us up the fall when we are knocked down is greater and it hurts a damn sight more too. We were super positive but the Physio appointment last week pissed on my parade somewhat.

I am worried about her head banging, this is new and with her history I wonder whether we will be asked to reconsider an MRI scan. She has already had one, but she wriggled through it. Any future scan would have to be done with a general anaesthetic, hence we asked them to hold off when it was arranged back in May.

I wonder what her weight gain will be? Her feeding is still patchy, and she is still small although at the last weigh in she had jumped a centile!

It will be interesting to see what he thinks about her physical development... is she still delayed by the same number of months? As of last night, her unique travelling movement has morphed into commando crawling. We are totally blown away by this- we were told she probably wouldn't be able to crawl.

Both myself and OH really respect and like Tiddler's consultant and I am looking forward to it as I know he will give us a bit more black and white in our world of grey and unknown.


  1. How brilliant that Tiddler is commando crawling! Really pleased for you. Hope the appointment goes well. Sarah x

  2. thank you Sarah!! Now fingers crossed for tomorrow ...

  3. Go Tiddler! She sounds a determined little girl. Hope the appointment went ok xx