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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Tiddler's Development Spurt and Operation Baby-Proof

In the last 10 days or so there have been some truly amazing changes. Tiddler has had a physical development spurt...

Tiddler has been ill for about a month, give or take a couple of days and I think the enforced time at home (chicken pox) has done her the world of good. She has been quietly biding her time.

In the last 4 or so days her sitting is coming on really well. She still needs some support but she is able to sit really straight now for quite a while. It makes her look so grown up! She is turning into a little girl...

She is beginning to see the benefits of sitting, she is enjoying the enhanced interaction with her toys. Its an absolute joy to see.

She has also begun to master her own little "crawl" technique. Her shoulders are too weak for her to be able to crawl, and her arms too weak to commando crawl but somehow she is travelling  I think the strength of her legs caterpillars her trunk forward. Its very hard to describe, but seemingly effective. We had been told she wouldn't be able to crawl and so I had assumed this would also mean she wouldn't be able to travel either. Bit naive of me really- but in any case it now means I have to baby-proof our lounge!!

Her feeding has also improved vastly. She is still not the world's greatest eater- to be honest when it comes to food she can take it or leave it. She has only cried in hunger a handful of times in her life. Literally. (This is also something the Drs believe is highly unusual and potentially an indicator of other problems). In the last few days she has started to eat bite / dissolve foods- you know the sort- they look like crisps for babies! This is fantastic- I have been trying these intermittently for nearly 5 months and until last week she would react as if I was feeding her glass. I am so excited by this as it means she will be able to graduate on to lumpier food.

We are due to receive a feeding chair from Occupational Health on Monday so the timing is great. I am hopeful that with a large tray and ideal seating position Tiddler will now turn into an eating monster baby! The chair we have at the moment does not have a tray and we cannot get it near a table.

Onwards and upwards- it is incredible the difference a week or 2 can make. Will keep holding myself back a little though, just in case. I know that it is often a case of 1 step forward, 2 steps back. In the meantime, we need to embark on Operation Baby-Proof.

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