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Friday, 28 October 2011

Childminder Fail

Today I embarked on my first foray into investigating childcare. Not a huge success. I won't talk about the fact I left my headlights on and so had a flat battery. I definitely won't mention that said flat battery meant the central locking on my little car had left the building so I had to squeeze Tiddler into the drivers seat and between the two front seats to get her strapped in. And what would be the point in elaborating on our 2 HOUR WAIT TO BE RESCUED....

So where were we... Met a lovely lady found on the council list of childminders with vacancies. Before meeting was very hopeful- she is also a nurse so I reasoned to myself I won't find anyone better qualified to look after Tiddler. She was the sort of lady I could quite happily be friends with, but I have concluded not right to leave Tiddler with.

I asked what experience she had had of children with additional needs: none. I couldn't see how Tiddler could fit in to her environment easily and was as unsure as she was about how her special seating could be arranged.  So, it seems I may be looking at nurseries next. This morning has made me doubt that I will find anyone right for Tiddler. I just can't see how those caring for the child can juggle the needs of 3 children simultaneously. I know its their job but I can't help thinking Tiddler may be left sitting for example because its easier with two other toddlers crawling all over the shop

Friends have told me that when you find the right place, "you just know", so I guess I have to wait and see...


  1. My local council offer a list of childminders that do have experience with children who have additional needs, not sure if that is a common thing, but it might be worth asking. I was stuck with having to choose what felt like the best of a bad lot with my childminder (I'm now training to become one myself). I hope you do find someone, there are some great childminders out there. :)

  2. This is not something that I have been through but I'm sure many others have! I have to agree on the 'you just know' vibe - we've just finished looking at infant schools for Bean for next year and we 'knew' after looking at 5 :)
    Have added you to my highlights over on The BritMums Blog this morning -

  3. No one is ever going to take care of your child like you can. I agree though you will know when you find the right childcare. And as a mother of 4 I'd like to think it is possible to look after several children at once without any being neglected, for want of a better word.

  4. I've read your post sending you empathetic vibes about living without a diagnosis. I'd like to award you the Liebster Blog award because I think what you're doing is fab and I'm looking forward to reading more about Tiddler. Here's the link on my blog to the award x

  5. thanks for the comments. We Are Wild Things- yes I thought there was a list lke that too, but it seems not? Maybe I will ask again...

    Mammasaurus- its surprising how many ppl have said I will "just know"

    Pinkoddy- I think I explained myself poorly- what I mean I think is that I fear T will be left and more attention will be focussed on the other children rather than an equal share of attention

  6. Cheetahsinmyshoes- wowsers whats this?!! Thanks so much- on it