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Friday, 29 July 2011

Can You Get Vomit Out Of Velcro

What a great day! A friend and her two children came round this morning which was lovely - I especially loved telling her all our good news and she said she could see the difference in me and how less stressed I seemed.

This afternoon we had Hydrotherapy at the local hospital. As usual, an intense nursery rhyme fuelled session! She is doing really well but splashes so much, to the great irritation of the other (older) children around her! She splashes and then doesn't seem to understand why her face is soaked- the cause and effect thing hasn't quite kicked in there...

Further to my post yesterday about Tiddler's feeding, I have been trying to encourage her to chew a little and move on one step from purees. I tried her tonight with soft carrot, totally uninterested. Then for pudding I gave her mashed plums and unfortunately she gagged and threw all of her meal back up :( This was really gutting. My husband and I had just been discussing how much better her reflux seemed to be as well :( So... I dont know how to play this now. I don't want to go too quickly for her, and I certainly dont want her to throw up her meals and so slow down any weight gain. Crucially- I dont want to put her off her solid feeds (she previously had a very strong milk aversion). The Speech Therapist has said that babies with reflux often have a very strong gag reflex so its no surprise and did also happen earlier on when we had just started to wean. So, I am a bit unsure- and nervous about what to try next! So yeah, she threw up all over herself and the lovely feeding chair loaned by our Council. So, can you get vomit out of velcro?

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