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Friday, 15 July 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful - my first foray!

Here goes- my Reasons to be Cheerful for the week the idea courtesy of Mummy From the Heart.
Is this a meme?? No idea! Get with the lingo, V...

1)  The first and biggest.... LittleM has started feeding again! We have recently come out of hospital due to her second bout of extreme non-feeding, she is going great guns and I can't begin to describe as a Mother how relieved I am as well as feeling de-stressed!

2) Having just watched the news coverage of the drought in Africa, I feel blessed that we live in a country with such fantastic healthcare and where food is plenty.

3) Its the weekend and our little family of 3 is going to have a fabulous time- we are not in a hospital and we can feed LittleM anywhere! (the previous "regime" involved tonnes of distraction, tv etc and took an hour each time to get anything down her)This means we can go on daytrips! Yay! The rain doesnt matter, does it!


  1. Number 1 is a great reason indeed, hope your little m continues to do well.

  2. So sorry to have missed your first #R2BC post, I think this was the week my moth infestation was at its worst and I did not make it to anyone.

    Nice to meet you. Mich x