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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sixties /Seventies/ Eighties Mum...

My Mum has four children, and has the unenviable boast that she has given birth to children in three different decades.

Tiddler is her second grandchild, but the first one via one of her daughters. So, inevitably she has passed on a bit of guidance/ advice from time to time- probably more to me than to her daugter-in-law. Most of this advice is sage, welcomed and respected. Of course it is- shes been there, done that times by 4.

Mum has mentioned some of the things they did in "their" day... more by way of anecdote as topics have come up rather than cast iron "gospel" advice from her to me. Some is hilarious- its priceless stuff, some is darn scary. Wondered who else could share some of their mother's gems of wisdom/ tales of parenthood 60s/70s/80s style...

  1. Wean at 3 months
  2. Give raw egg as one of first foods
  3. Put brown sugar in your baby's bottle if they are constipated
  4. Give Marmite on toast as one of the first foods
  5. Put the pram "down the bottom of the garden"
Any others?

A student ''mother-of-that-week'' living in one of the homemaking apartments prepares the day's food ...


  1. My mum swears by whiskey for teething

    Mum also parked me in the bottom of the garden, under the peach tree

  2. hahaha imagine if we all put prams down the bottom of the garden nowadays!!