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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Errrr LittleM and Mummy becomes Tiddler on the Loose

Oops. I did google my proposed blog name, I did- I promise! However, I suppose I was a "bit tired" and anyway managed to overlook that there is a very similarly named blog. Hence the name change.

Tiddler on the Loose.

Same blog, same aims etc. I have chosen "Tiddler" as LittleM has been slow to gain weight and so is on the small side. Conversations have typically gone like:

Random: "awwwww a newborn" / " awwwww a tiny baby" / " awwwww how old?"
Me: " errrr no she is actually x weeks old"
Random: without a pause "Oh, was she premature?"
Me: "No."  If feeling kind I would then save said random and say "I know, she's very small" . Sometimes I add " Shes been pretty unwell"
Random: "Oh, I am sorry to hear that, is she all better now?"
Me: "No". They then squirm and feel generally awkward.

The other alternative is to lie, but that's not me. I haven't invited them to comment. Why do people feel the need to fill a space / silence with daft questions or comments? It happens so much! I know I have been guilty of it too... if only we could all think before we speak! One comment or two is ok but when it is literally every time you go out, it gets quite hard and the constant explaining is not something I have wanted or felt able to do. Hence my responses were less forgiving.

So anyway, she is a tiddler. But the tiddler has turned as she is eating enough for small people everywhere and drinking more milk than ever before too!

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