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Monday, 18 July 2011

First proper day out!

Yesterday it poured here. Poured everywhere I reckon, but we set off and were determined. This wasn't that bizarre British holiday spirit so often found on the seaside on a grim August day, we were genuinely excited!

We went to a local wild animal park and yep it rained but as most had decided not to venture out we had free run of all shelters and the cafe.

It was our first proper day trip with Tiddler. We had been on a couple of others but they were with relatives and dont count in my book! This was our first trip with just myself, Daddy and Tiddler. A week ago we were discharged from hospital having had a period of 9 days of Tiddler being fed by a nasal gastric tube. Things were very different then. She's doing really well now, I want to pinch myself, but I am just loving every minute of "normal" we get. I dont really want to believe that this is it now, the only way is up. We have been here before, so I will be cautious, but relish every smile and every normal thing that we do.

Not so long ago, I couldnt bear to be too far from a hospital, "just in case". Tiddler had apnoeas when tiny and the memory is all too horrific and real for us both. We are looking at holidays at the moment and I still cant bring myself to say yes to locations that are too far from the hospital, but for now I will be kind to myself and let myself off this.

So yeah, the day out... we saw Wallabies, Goats (a particular favourite), various birds, sheep, you know the drill. Went on a little train, she loved it- not to see the animals as its all about the tree branches waving in the wind "innit"?! Tiddler also fed when we were there- a fabulous new skill she has taken to!! It really was a day of smiles and de-stressing, for all three of us I think...

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