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Friday, 9 September 2011

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa/ any other kindly- faced benefactor...

Santa's Spreadsheet, after Haddon Sundblom

I am getting in early, needs must. I have a few needs right now and I am hoping you can oblige.... I know I am not a child but my wish list is all on behalf of Tiddler, and she is 9 mths so I am defo ticking the box there.
  1. Family nearby (that are arsed about anyone but themselves)
  2. A member or two of said family that would spare me an hour of childcare now and then
  3. A bath seat that Tiddler can safely sit in
  4. A chair that Tiddler can sit in to eat which is at the table with us and where she can reach a table or tray so she can interact with food more readily
  5. A playseat so as to encourage her to sit
  6. A miracle solution to stop Tiddler arching so we can actually get her into numbers 3, 4 and 5
While I've got you, I'd also like a toblerone, Ipad and a new pair of jeans. You can keep the socks though and obligatory smellies on a 3 for 2....

That is all

Tiddler and her Mummy xx

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