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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The week and a wobble

It would be fair to say that the week so far is hardly a cracker.

A GP asked if Tiddler had Down's
Tiddler is full of cold
She hasn't slept well for days. We haven't slept well for days. I am knackered.
Tiddler has begun arching. This is now so entrenched I am tearing my hair out a little.

Thankfully her Paediatrician called this pm, he is really great, and gave me a bit of advice. Importantly, he reassured me she cannot cause herself harm. This has been my main worry as she goes back into a "crab" but as she can't use her arms to support her she uses her head and neck. It looks like her neck will snap. So there's half a plan now, we can be seen by a Paediatrician soon if it continues to cause concern. He did say perversely it is quite good as it shows her strength is improving. In the meantime I have to distract her to get her into her crib, tumbleform, car seat, puschair or seat. Oh Joy. It is truly draining. I need a break, and am wholeheartedly rueing that we have no family nearby to let me take a break.

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