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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Lying, or rather not lying

More frustration today. Further to my bath seat rant...(we are still no further forward with that, I am waiting for the Occupational Health person to return off holiday).

Tiddler has always arched her back and neck. It looks awful, and we have put it down to reflux in the earlier days and thereafter thought it was a learnt movement. I have read elswhere recently that other children with Hypotonia also arch, so I have no idea as to the cause...

Anyway... last night she was lying on her back on her playmat and she arched her head right back- Tiddler's Daddy rushed to correct her as I can honestly say it looked like her neck was going to snap. The momentary panic and horror at how it looked literally brought tears to my eyes.

I spoke to our Physio today and she said that Tiddler would probably have self-corrected if we hadn't intervened and may not do it again, but that we should probably not leave her alone lying on the floor if we can avoid it. WTF??? She can't sit, I can't leave her in a chair as she arches and twists... she arches out of a Bumbo.... and now, now she can't be left lying on the floor???? Well how does that work then? How do I go to the loo/ prepare food/ answer the phone? I couldn't leave her for long at the best of times, but this really is like having a crawler or early walker but without the crawling and walking! The physio is lovely and normally very helpful, but I have to say this did not go down as one of our most constructive conversations.

Blanket/quilt/Play mat I sewed for Theo

I have all my hopes pinned on a Baby Bjorn chair- apparently they are impossible to get out of... we are borrowing one tomorrow. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, I shall also be crossing my legs as I clearly have to limit my loo breaks...

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