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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Blog Camp

Bristol - Ceramic Sign

I had the most amazing day in Bristol at Blog Camp this week. I realised only the day before that I had never left Tiddler for so long nor had ventured so far from home without her. I found it really hard, especially when I saw other mums with their babies.

It was also weird:
  • getting on a train having just left my husband with potential nappy/ car seat carnage at the station. 
  • only carrying a small handbag, not hulking great changing bag equipped for every eventuality
  • being on my own walking into a room without Tiddler to hold or hide behind!

The day was informative and inspirational and I hope to put lots into practice from the day. ( Just need a bit of time from somewhere) I am glad I had the bottle to go- I nearly cried off the night before as it was a bit out of my comfort zone.

It was great to finally put faces to names and I loved that this random collision of people from different backgrounds all got on so easily. The power of Twitter! I can't wait for the next bloggie meet up...

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