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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Brick wall

So today I bought a Baby Bjorn chair fron Mothercare. The only reason it got the sale was it was half price due to being an ex-display model. The next time I have a purchase to make I will be using kiddicare or John Lewis as I don't take too kindly to being ignored for several minutes by 4 sales assistants and 2 managerial - looking types. Shoddy. I was going to look at pushchairs- have my eye on one in particular. There was no-one to ask. so I will be buying elsewhere. Mothercare have no unique selling point as far as I can see. Please do contradict me if your experience is different!

Anyway, I digress. As Tiddler can't sit unaided and arches I really don't have anywhere where I can leave her safely right now. We borrowed a friend's Baby Bjorn chair and were pretty impressed so fingers crossed. As it is hammock-like there are no anchor points that she can push off from and twist or arch. Its also ok for quite some time and can apparently be used as a toddler seat.

If this seat doesn't work then I am totally stumped. I genuinely don't know what I am going to do. She is still not really sleeping through the day so I just don't have any time to do chores or just sit and have 5 minutes to myself. I am feeling pretty strung out and alone. Am investigating childminders/ babysitters and nurseries now for a bit of help with Tiddler to give me a bit of time out. Fingers crossed that the figures stack up to make it possible!

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  1. Hi Verity, Lovely to meet you at Blog Camp earlier. I'm now following your blog! Looking forward to reading more about your daughter. Louise x