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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Reflux and Weaning

After several intrusive tests and intravenous antibiotics, Tiddler's "dusky episodes" during the first 8 days of life were put down to Reflux. I remember the first time a Paediatrician said this I was very cynical and I will admit highly irritated. My newborn baby had stopped breathing for God's sake- how can that be Reflux? She had nothing in her tummy the first time it happened, how can that be Reflux? Anyway I was of course thankful it was nothing more sinister. We were "finally"* discharged with a diagnosis of "Silent Reflux" and a very daunting cocktail of medication at a user-unfriendly every 4 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours and 6 times a day.

We have always kept Tiddler's crib tilted (waste of a bloody good John Lewis glider crib, that!) and until very recently always kept her upright for an hour after every feed. I dont jig her about. She misses out on a lot of silly Mummy / Tiddler dancing :( Her medication has been tinkered with over time and she is now on a fairly strong medication once a day. (Omeprazole)

The thing about reflux is that its a condition that varies wildly but does seem to be exacerbated by teething / colds etc. Frustratingly it can seem that you are turning a corner and things are getting better and then you can be brought down to earth with a bang and whole lot of vomit!

Our Paediatrician had said originally we should wean at 4 months but due to Tiddler's low tone and inability to sit, as well as suspected Cows Milk Protein allergy we were then advised against this. Tiddler has had a rough couple of months health wise and so weaning has taken a back seat until now.

Home Made Baby Food

She has been doing really well with purees in the last couple of weeks, certainly enjoying an unprecedented hunger and desire to eat. However, she does seem to have a very strong gag reflex. This emerged in the first few days of weaning a while back and she gagged and vomited on a very thin puree of carrot. Since then, she has mainly coped with puree and we never gave her milk just before solids so as to make sure she keeps the milk in her! I am now attempting to introduce lumps and am finding that reflux is rearing its nasty head again :( This evening I gave her 1/4 of a tiny tiny Annabel Karmel pasta shell... she managed three quarters but the 4th made her gag and she threw her entire feed up. Now the saving grace is that Tiddler hardly seems bothered by this- its a silent evacuation rather than lots of tears and retching- just realised this is quite graphic, hope there are no vomit phobics/ people eating while reading this ! It is hard for me though- I spent quite a while preparing her dinner and then feeding it. To then see it all come back up again is dispiriting, feels like Reflux is back. I dont know how much slower we can wean her though as the lumps were tiny. Puzzled. Bloody Reflux.

* we had a lot of "final" discharges...

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