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Monday, 15 August 2011

Flashing lights


So, Saturday we had a trip to IKEA. We travelled to a store we don't normally go to as we had been advised it was easier to get to. Mistake number 1.

We spent an inordinate amount of time shopping as per usual. Mistake number 2. Tiddler was pretty patient, although was on an anti- milk day.

I managed to make time for meatballs and a hotdog so could sustain myself throughout the day- this was the major positive of our trip in my eyes.

We bought what we went for, and then doubled the value with a trolley full of stuff we fell for. Varying degrees of regret the next day. Anyway... on the way home, Other Half reversed out of the parking space anD hit a post, just a little tap at 1 or 2 mph. The result was pretty shocking damage to the front wing. There were a group of skaters who sniggered but thankfully Other Half was oblivious to this- I feared for an altercation/ Other Half majorly losing the plot if he had noticed them! I managed to suppress a nervous giggle- you know the one you used to get at school when in trouble... no? only me then.. and luckily this also went unnoticed.

I have to say- if it had been me, I would have burst into a fit of hormonal tears and / or kicked the car and probably hurt my foot considerably.

What then ensued was a 2 hour wait for our car to be recovered- yes the 1 mph smash had rendered our (2 week old car) undriveable. Eventually the yellow flashing lights heralded the arrival of the flat bed truck and our ride home. I had a minor meltdown when I realised how precariously the baby seat had to be strapped into the truck cab- also as it stank to high heaven of stale Golden Virginia. I know, I used to smoke it in my headier days.

Recovery vehicles don't go very fast, they are noisy and bumpy and the ride home wasn't a whole lot of fun although Tiddler did eventually drop off. Recovery vehicles do like to flash their lights a lot though. A flash for "hello",a flash for "you are a recovery vehicle too" a flash for "yep, come in my lane", a flash for "Oooh this is where you live, I will now wake up your neighbours" etc etc etc...

Our quick dash to Ikea turned into an epic day trip. We got back at 10pm. As I had been saying all evening the only important thing was that we were all ok. By Sunday evening Other Half was starting to see the funny side...

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