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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Holiday - an escape from those baby groups...

As I have blogged here, we are on holiday this week. Nothing flash, staying in the UK. Very lucky with the weather etc. Thats the small talk over with then.

It is lovely to have help with Tiddler during the day from Tiddler's Daddy, and of course its lovely to all be together as a family. It isn't too dramatic to say that we are gratefully enjoying the family holiday we feared we may never have. Its not exactly relaxing, well it wouldn't be would it, its normal life just transported to a different location- mummies don't get days off. (If you do, can I speak to your boss please?)

It is a lovely break though as its nice to really enjoy Tiddler for who she is, to enjoy the moment. I realised today how much I enjoyed that we hadn't been with other babies. There was no-one for her to be compared to- whether by myself or others, implicitly or via an "in- your- face" comment from someone that should know better.

This is my holiday then, a break from crying inside when people compare their baby to mine or ask a question I do not want to answer about her development. Thats fine. Its not exactly rolling in at 3 am carrying my heels in my hand and the taste of holiday Malibu and coke on my lips but it will do nicely thank you.

Now.... to find a babysitter for a future 3 am stumble...

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