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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful, 4th August

Reasons to be Cheerful

Ok, so all my Reasons to be Cheerful are Tiddler related- of course!
  1. Almost a year after it was bought, we put Tiddler's cotbed up! YAY! It is almost time for her to be in her own room. This is a really positive sign as we honestly NEVER thought that we would feel confident enough for this.
  2. On a sort of related note, and blogged about elsewhere this week, we have had 3 periods without the Apnoea alarm on overnight. She was fine, of course, and we took one more step towards normality.
  3. Completely independently and totally randomly, Tiddler pushed up on her arms from being on her tummy. This is a massive development- her upper trunk is weak and her arms very floppy. Ha! She's on her way to crawling and will definitely surprise people I think. :)
... actually I will add 2 more

  1. I am getting my haircut on Saturday!!! Ony second time since Tiddler's arrival. Looking forward to this a lot.
  2. Its husb's birthday this weekend and we are going on a family trip to Chessington.


  1. Ohh I love Chessington and a new hairdo as well, sounds like a great weekend! Enjoy

    adn well done to your little tiddler, lots of good news there.

    Mich x

  2. I find it hard to stick to 3 reasons too and have to cheat!

    Sounds like you have taken some big steps forward this week - you definitely deserve a treat at the weekend!

  3. great news on Tiddler front! enjoy your me and family time x

  4. Lovely reasons.
    Yo make sure you take care of you and with a lot more than haircuts. It is important.
    Have a fun day out too

  5. Great reasons. Have a lovely weekend - sounds like you've got a lot to celebrate!

  6. What a week of progress. I bet you feel very proud as so you should!