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Monday, 29 August 2011

Ranting re bath seats

I have a dilemma.

Tiddler has sat, she can as I have written elsewhere... but she won't. Its too hard for her as the Hypotonia she has means she is like jelly- very wobbly in her trunk and shoulders.

We have been using a bath support shaped a bit like a shoe...anyway, we have had to stop using this tonight as she isn't at all safe in it. She wriggles over the middle pommel part as her legs are so strong, and into the bath.

That's fine I say to myself I shall buy one online tonight. Bob shall be my uncle etc etc. Clicked onto Kiddicare, nope...Boots, nope... Mamas and Papas... John Lewis.... nope and nope. So how do I find a bath seat for Tiddler? I think the only way we can safely bathe her is if there is a seat she is fastened into somehow. But it must be one that is very well supported as otherwise she can't remain upright. It seems that my requirements are too unusual for the vast market that is babycare products.

She has a feeding chair from the council and is getting a better play seat / feeding seat soon. I am so flipping irritated with myself that I didn't think about bathtime- why didnt I ask about this? Shouldn't they have thought of it? Am I just being unnecessarily angry?!

So- in the meantime, we will have to bathe together as holding her without a seat really isn't safe. Very annoying. What seems so simple just isn't possible to achieve.


  1. Sounds like you should design a bath seat and market it thereby making your fortune! In the meantime lovely baths together x

  2. bloody good point that!!! Thank you...